Old Trafford

Old Trafford is a football stadium located in Manchester, England. The stadium, also referred to as The Theatre of Dreams, is the home base of Manchester United. With its capacity of 75,811 it is the biggest football stadium in the United Kingdom, and one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. It has been the home ground of Manchester United since 1910.

Visit the extreme legendary Old Trafford

As mentioned above, Manchester United has been playing at Old Trafford since 1910 but they had to find another stadium to play in between 1941 and 1949, due to damage of a Second World War bomb. They were allowed to share the stadium of city rival Manchester City. The stadium underwent major renovations afterwards and it’s been expanded several times. Great and important tournaments are held in the stadium now, for example the first women’s international football tournament. Rugby matches are also played at the stadium.

Old Trafford’s history

When Manchester United was still known as Newton Heath (a very long time ago) they played at North Road and afterwards at Bank Street. These locations weren’t suited for footballing, since the ground consisted of gravel and the smoke of the neighbouring factories bothered them while playing. The chairman of the club, who had previously helped them when the club experienced financial difficulties and who had changed the club’s name, managed to get a green light for building a new stadium. The chairman himself looked for an appropriate location and he found one: the construction of Old Trafford could begin.

Visit Old Trafford?

There’s only one way to get to Old Trafford, to make things easier for you, and that’s by bus. You could also walk to the stadium, but this does take an hour. It only takes 30 minutes to drive to Old Trafford from bus stop Chinatown, which is located in Liverpool’s centre. Bus 255 towards Partington, 256 towards Flixton, 263 towards Altrincham all drive past bus stop Chester RD/Warwick Road, which is the nearest stop to Old Trafford. You can already see the stadium from here and you can walk straight to it. Are you ready for admiring the legendary Theatre of Dreams? Then you should book your football trip to Manchester United and enjoy an unforgettable experience at Old Trafford!