Do you want to book a football trip to Leeds United? Then you’ll also visit Leeds United’s city: the English Leeds. Leeds is currently becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions of England. You can do so much more in Leeds besides visiting the Elland Road. Discover everything you can do in Leeds at our website: we’d love to provide you with the best advice regarding your football trip to Leeds. Have fun!

Leeds: Leeds United’s city

Leeds is not only a cultural city, but it also offers many beautiful scenes where one can walk or bike through. This is perfectly possible in Roundhay Park or the Golden Acre Park. Roundhay Park is one of the country’s largest city parks, so it is definitely worth a visit. The Yorkshire Dales and Meanwood Valley Trail are instances of parks which offer perfect hiking and biking trails.

If you prefer to do something more exciting than strolling through a park, you could think about visiting one of the cultural spectacles the city’s got to offer. Various festivities are celebrated in Leeds every year, like the Leeds Festival in Bramham Park, the Leeds International Concert Season – a celebration that lasts the entire year and celebrates music that occurs in more than 200 concerts – and the Leeds International Film Festival.

Leeds’ history

Moreover, you could also visit numerous historical buildings or ruins, like the Leeds Town Hall, where you can find places for shopping and other cultural attractions. The West Yorkshire Playhouse is the biggest production theatre outside London and the Leeds City Varieties is the oldest music hall in the world: these are certainly worth a visit if you love music. The most beautiful church in Leeds is possibly the St. John Evangelist’s Church. It is the oldest one in the city and is Renaissance-styled. Harewood House belonged to the Earl of Harewood and is a magnificent Georgian country house that took 30 years to build. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and even some remains of a 12th-century castle. There’s so much to do during your football trip to Leeds!

Would you like to book a football trip to Leeds?

Don’t be afraid of a shortage of museums or shopping centres in Leeds, because there is something for everyone. Lovers of Grey’s Anatomy should absolutely visit the Thackray Medical Museum, which is stocked with a collection of 20.000 medical artifacts and there is an exhibition that shows the development of medicine through the ages. The Leeds Industrial Museum at Armely Mills demonstrates the history of wool production in Yorkshire. If you are interested in how the Industrial Revolution developed in Leeds, you should definitely check this museum out.

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