The German city of Leipzig hasn't always been an attraction for tourists, but this has changed lately. Fortunately, because this city is a diamond in the rough. Have you booked a football trip to RB Leipzig and would you like to know what else you can do in the city? Then you should continue reading!

The city of Leipzig

Leipzig is the tenth most populous city of Germany. After the reunification of Germany, Leipzig has undergone significant changes. Buildings have been demolished, while other historical buildings have been restored. The city has developed a modern transport infrastructure and it has become a vibrant city, voted to be the most liveable city of Germany, and even called the new Berlin...

What to do in Leipzig

When visiting Leipzig, it is good to know all the things this historical-modern city has to offer. While it is a youthful, vibrant city, it is also a city of enormous history, with a major centre for music lovers, due to its connections to Bach, Wagner and Mendelssohn.

Leipzig, the football city

Due to Leipzig’s renewed popularity, the new era of the city also needed a new football club – and so RB Leipzig was founded in 2009. The club was founded with a goal: to bring back the importance of football in the city. By doing so, the intent was to play in the Bundesliga within ten years. With Red Bull as a head sponsor, RB Leipzig soon managed to become a big club, and in only 7 seasons they managed to promote to the Bundesliga in 2016.

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