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The Champions League is a European football tournament where only the best football clubs can participate in. The annual competition is one of the most important and prestigious tournaments in Europe. Every football supporter will instantly get goosebumps when the Champions League hymn is being played.

Football trip to Champions League

Football trips to Champions League matches are super special. The reason why is because this is the biggest competition where clubs from different countries will face each other. If this isn’t reason enough for you, then we can list two more reasons why a football trip to the Champions League is definitely worth it: the ambitions and the players.

The ambitions of the Champions League

The ambitions in the competition are very great. Billions of euros are being put into the tournament; the amounts will undoubtedly astonish you. Not only the participating clubs earn money from it, but the footballers, too. Footballers will earn a bonus with every made accomplishment. The football is therefore more competitive and more attractive to watch for football supporters.

Money is not the only important role in the tournament; name and fame also play a big part in the competition. After all, the lucrative tournament is watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Several clubs have won the Champions League title, amongst them top clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United and FC Bayern Munich. The only club to have ever won over 10 titles is Real Madrid with a total of 14 (!) titles.

Star players in the Champions League

The footballers who play in the Champions League must actually be reason enough to visit a Champions League match. The best footballers simply play in the best clubs. Who doesn’t want to watch top footballers like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play in real-life?

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