Internazionale – Juventus (Derby d’Italia)

The Derby d’Italia, simply Derby of Italy, is the football match between the two successful and most supported clubs of Italy: Internazionale and Juventus. Both clubs are home based at the two largest cities of Northwest Italy: Milan and Turin. In 2006, Inter were awarded with the League-title after points were stripped from Juventus due to a match fixing scandal. After that, the Derby d’Italia got more intense than ever before.

In a total of 247 matches between the two great clubs, Internazionale have won against Juventus 77 times; Juventus have beaten Inter 110 times; 60 matches have been drawn.

Book your football trip to one of the greatest derbies of Italy and see how head coach Antonio Conte will do anything to win against Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon and new star player Matthijs de Ligt.

Results and matches Internazionale and Juventus

06 October 2019 Football trips Serie A Internazionale - Juventus
27 April 2019 Football trips Serie A Internazionale - Juventus1-1
07 December 2018 Football trips Serie A Juventus - Internazionale1-0
28 April 2018 Football trips Serie A Internazionale - Juventus2-3
09 December 2017 Football trips Serie A Juventus - Internazionale0-0
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