Leagues & Cups

In professional football, there are many interesting leagues and cups. England has even more than one: the world famous FA Cup and the Carabao Cup (League Cup). The FA Cup is the oldest and most important competition in England.

In Spain, the most important tournament is the Copa del Rey. In Germany they have a DFB-Pokal, while in Holland, they fight for the KNVB cup.

The large number of clubs competing is what makes the tournaments very interesting: smaller teams can achieve unlikely victories and beat the most successful clubs. It also gives smaller teams the opportunity to show their talents on the big screen. Everything is possible and that’s what makes it so interesting.

Because many teams participate, all cups are played in a knock-out-system. Higher ranked teams enter in later rounds.

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Champions League is het most important and prestigious tournament in the world. The competition is played by the national league champions and one or more runners-up. With over 360 million people the Champions League is the most-watched competition worldwide.

The UEFA Europa League is one of two international competitions for eligible European football clubs. The competition was founded in 1971 as UEFA Cup and took its current name in 2009, following a different format. Clubs can qualify for the competition based on their performance in club competitions and national leagues. In 2021, a third European football competition will start, the UEFA Europa Conference League

Where most leagues and cups are mostly interesting due to their element of surprise, the Champions League and Europa League are always interesting. Simply because only the best clubs participate.

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