Manchester is a great city in England that has over 545,500 inhabitants, which makes it is the fourth-largest city of England. It is the home town of two of the best clubs in Europe: Manchester United and Manchester City. You can easily visit all the sights in Manchester during your football trip.

Visit all Manchester's sights during your football trip

Manchester’s character is quite diverse for young and old alike. The city offers many restaurant, bars, galleries and museums, such as the National Football Museum and the Manchester Museum, or the many public monuments. You could also take a walk or cycle through one of the many parks that are settled in Manchester. 

A football trip to Manchester

There's a lot to do and see in Manchester, so it might be wise to prolong your football trip with a day or two. This might even save you money, too, because travelling during weekdags is usually cheaper than during the weekend.

Manchester is a perfect city trip destination. Book your football trip to Manchester United or Manchester City easily online at Number 1 Football Travel and extend your football trip with a city trip – an unforgettable experience!

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